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Home Solar Power May Be Right for You!

Recently, solar power has grown rapidly all across the USA, expanding at a nationwide rate of over 40% a year. This has caused a lot of homeowners to wonder: is solar power right for me?

What is Solar Power?

Solar power harnesses the energy of the Sun, using photovoltaic panels (that capture sunlight) and thermal collectors (that capture the Sun’s heat). This energy is then stored and can be used at night or on cloudy days.

Solar Can Make You Money!

One of the most surprising things about solar energy is that it can actually earn money for your home. Many states have policies in place like net metering, which allows you to sell extra power back to your utility company—you're actually charging the power company to use your power.

Is Solar Right For You?

You can get the most out of solar power depending on where you live (what your state's policies are, and how sunny it is) and how much energy you are using. Just enter your ZIP code above and get your free quote!